Exploring multicomponent oxide based materials for carbon free society

In view of the current demand for clean and renewable energy, there is a growing need for green and cost-effective long-duration energy storage technologies. With this motivation, batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen production have been broadly investigated and considered as an onset to carbon free society. In this context, some of the reactions that we aim to accelerate in water electrolysis, such as H2 evolution, are the reactions that we wish to inhibit at the anode side in metal-air batteries. In addition, we aim to boost O2 evolution and reduction reactions in metal-air batteries and hydrogen production systems. At this end, being able to alter the physicochemical properties of materials for these reactions plays a pivotal role in our way to decarbonization of energy. In this talk, I will discuss our group’s effort in covering and exploiting (i) the electrochemical properties of multicomponent oxides, e.g. high entropy oxides and high entropy perovskite oxides, utilized as an air cathode in rechargeable Zn-air batteries (ii) designing new stable perovskite oxides and high entropy perovskite oxides to accelerate O2 formation and reduction (iii) preventing Zn anode degradation in rechargeable Zn-air batteries.

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