Lord Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller and planning officer Cornelia Zuschke at the Max Planck Institute

Research topics and location in Düsseltal were subjects of discussion

May 20, 2021

Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller visited the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) to get to know the institute and discuss important research topics for the city of Düsseldorf on the way to be a climate-neutral city by 2035. Technical solutions and innovation will play a crucial role in tackling climate change to which the MPIE can make important contributions. 

MPIE researchers explained the visitors the importance of material research for climate-neutral technology. Knowing the effects of hydrogen on the mechanics of materials is the prerequisite for constructing pipelines, storing and transportation for hydrogen. Another challenge we face is to make our technology more efficient. At MPIE material can be analyzed down to their atomic structure which helps to make thermoelectrics even more efficient and thus convert waste heat into electrical energy.

Dr. Kellers visit shows the importance of research for the city of Düsseldorf and the Wissensregion Düsseldorf, the association for strengthening Düsseldorf as a research location.

Read the full press release in German here

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