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Research Projects - Additive micromanufacturing and Mesomechanics

Laser powder bed fusion based pure copper lattice fabrication and characterization
Within this project, we will use a green laser beam source based selective melting to fabricate full dense copper architectures. The focus will be on identifying the process parameter-microstructure-mechanical property relationships in 3-dimensional copper lattice architectures, under both quasi-static and dynamic loading conditions. more
Additive micromanufacturing of 3-D copper architectures
3D copper microarchitectures will be fabricated using a localized electrodeposition-based microscale additive manufacturing process and mechanically tested under extreme strain rates. Structures to be tested range from simple micropillars to complex microlattices. The suitability of such full-metal architectures towards energy absorption and mechanical band-gap engineering applications will be investigated. more
Environmental chamber for micromechanical testing under non-ambient conditions
The goal of this project is to develop an environmental chamber for mechanical testing setups, which will enable mechanical metrology of different microarchitectures such as micropillars and microlattices, as a function of temperature, humidity and gaseous environment. more
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