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Accurate Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging (aECCI):
a powerful tool for understanding the fundamental deformation mechanisms of materials.

Successful combination of macroscopic mechanical testing of bulk specimen with a dislocation-scale characterization technique: the accurate Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging (aECCI). aECCI is a non-destructive procedure offering the ability to provide, inside a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), TEM-like diffraction contrast imaging of sub-surface defects (at a depth of about one hundred of nanometers) on centimetric bulk specimen with still unsurpassed resolutions.

I. Fundaments on the defect contrasts and the experiment procedure will be presented

II. Full potentiality of aECCI for following the evolution of deformation microstructures will be highlighted in the case of a TiAl based alloy and a β-metastable Ti.

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