Dr. rer. nat. Ruth Schwaiger

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3D Nano-Architected Metamaterials

Advances in 3D additive manufacturing techniques have enabled the fabrication of nanostructures with remarkable mechanical properties. Using the latest 3D printing techniques, novel material structures with specific architectures, often referred to as metamaterials, can be produced. They can exhibit superior mechanical and physical properties at extremely low mass densities and, thus, expand the current limits of the yet stiff and strong architectures, architectures with high mechanical resilience or with negative Poisson’s ratio. Mechanical size effects were shown to result in extraordinary strength values of different specific architectures. Understanding the underlying characteristics of these complex new materials, such as the deformation and failure mechanisms, and how they impact behavior of the structure, is critical and increasingly challenging. In this presentation, the principles underlying ultra-strong yet light 3D nano-architected metamaterials as well as strategies to tailor their properties will be discussed.

Dr. rer. nat. R. Schwaiger

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Nanomechanics of Materials and Surfaces
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