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Intermetallics for engine applications

The objective of this large-scale collaborative research project is the development of intermetallic materials for application in large diesel ship engines. These new materials should enable operation at higher temperatures and mechanical loads under severe wear and corrosion conditions.

In a first step intermetallic materials such as Ti-, Ni- and Fe-aluminides, silicides or Laves phase alloys are evaluated in respect of suitability and possible manufacturing routes including joining. This first stage includes filling of “white spots” where essential data of prospective candidate materials are missing. Based on a joint decision of the industrial partners on type of alloys for intended applications and manufacturing routes, specific material properties on samples produced by the envisaged processing routes are examined in detail. Investigations encompass their microstructures, resulting mechanical properties, corrosion and tribological behaviour and thermal cycling and fatigue tests with post mortem characterisation of the samples. Investigations will be carried out under conditions relevant for individual components and based on their results, prototypes will be tested on a component test rig or lab engine by the industrial partners.

The project is funded within the framework of the FP7 long-term R&D Programme HERCULES (http://www.hercules-2.com). Work is carried out within work package WP3 “Intermetallics and advanced materials for marine engines” in cooperation with industrial partners Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd., Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Wärtsilä Netherlands BV, ABB Turbo Systems AG and Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH.

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