Equipment and Facilities

The AFM is a very high-resolution type of scanning probe microscope. The AFM is not a classical microscopy were the topography is captured by imaging with light, quite in contrast the AFM analyzes the surface by ”feeling” the surface with a mechanical probe. Since its development in 1986 the AFM was succesfully applied in many research fields as one of the most important routine tools for imaging, measuring and manipulating matter at the nanoscale under athmospheric and UHV conditions. [more]
Electrochemical Surface Forces Apparatus (EC-SFA)

We operate two newly designed electrochemical surface forces apparatuses (EC-SFA) that allows control and measurement of surface potentials and interfacial electrochemical reactions with simultaneous measurement of normal interaction forces (with nN resolution), friction forces (with nN resolution), and distances (with Å resolution) between apposing surfaces.

Other equipment:

2 Potentiostats

QCM-D setup with (1) fluid-flow-cell, (2) electrochemical cell and (3) gas-flow cell.


Langmuir-Blodgett through

Extensively used shared facilities:

XPS-spectroscopy (AP-XPS and XPS)


Physical Vapor Deposition

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