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Shedding light on nanostructured pearlitic steel by advanced X-ray characterization

The research focused on the mechanical behaviour of nanostructured materials and the deformation mechanisms underlying the outstanding mechanical properties with respect to their microstructure.

The main focus of research lay on the mechanical and microstructural characterization of cold-drawn pearlitic steel wires, which were studied in order to understand the strengthening mechanisms and the associated decomposition process of the cementite phase upon cold-drawing.

In situ tensile tests were performed using X-ray diffraction (in-house and at synchrotron facilities) and optical imaging in order to assess the stress distribution between the different existing phases and to study the material surface behaviour, respectively.

Moreover, scanning electron microscopy was used to investigate more accurately the surface morphology before and after straining.

This was carried out in in-house collaboration with the Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design department.

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