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Deformation and fracture of interfaces in metallic materials

Focus: Role of the interface in the deformation and fracture behavior of nanolaminate metallic systems have been studied in-situ in the SEM.

Semi-brittle metallic structures with oriented interfaces exhibited interface dominated fracture behavior and were therefore a part of this study. Lamellar TiAl based alloys are known to be highly anisotropic in their mechanical properties due to their laminate structure. Thus a crack propagating along the interface and across it is bound to show different trajectories and micro-mechanisms.

Similar behavior was expected along inter-lamellar boundaries of cold drawn pearlitic steels, which are an oriented nanocomposite of ferrite and cementite lamellae.

This project dealed with quantifying interface fracture as well as studying fracture micro-mechanisms when a crack is oriented at different angles to the interface.

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