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Forging of an Fe-Al steam turbine blade

The next generation of Advanced Ultra Supercritical Coal-fired power plants (A-USC) aim at operating temperatures of approx. 700 °C and pressures of approx. 320 bars. Under these conditions, conventional ferritic steels are no longer usable.

Ni-based super alloys are a possible replacement but they have an even higher density than the steels and are more expensive.

Fe-Al-based alloys are a possible alternative. Their strength is comparable to Ni-based alloys, they have an excellent corrosion and wear resistance, their density is approx. 1/3 lower than that of steel, and they are cost effective because they can be produced with equipment readily available and because they do not contain strategic elements.

In a joint project, a processing route for a forged turbine blade is developed. The project includes optimisation of an Fe3Al-based alloy, casting of precursors with refined microstructures, forging of steam turbine blades and adapting the design of the steam turbine blade to make effective use of the advantageous properties of the Fe-Al-base material.

The project is performed in collaboration with Leistritz Turbinenkomponenten Remscheid GmbH, Access e.V., Aachen and the Institut für Strahlantriebe und Turboarbeitsmaschinen, RWTH Aachen and is funded within the framework program “Rationelle Energieverwendung, regenerative Energien und Energiesparen, progress.nrw” and by funds of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).

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