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High electric fields in electrochemistry and in atom probe tomography
The workshop aims at a discussion of the requirements, challenges and possibilities for an effective description of moderate to intense electric field and its effect on liquid, matter and isolated atoms and particles. We expect stimulating discussions on recent results and scientific concepts. more
Ab initio Description of Iron and Steel(ADIS 2016): Mechanical Properties
During the workshop recent progress in the development of ab initio based methods for the description of iron, steels and related materials will be discussed. It is the sixth workshop of a series of ADIS workshops and will be focussed on the prediction and understanding of mechanical properties, incl. the description of precipitate formation, dislocations, stacking faults, deformation and failure mechanisms. 

Understanding Grain Boundary Migration – Theory Meets Experiment
We would like to invite you to participate in our three-days workshop, which will be held in June 21st-24th, 2015 at Reisensburg Castle (Günzburg/Donau, Germany). The workshop brings together renowned scientists from the area of theoretical and experimental grain boundary migration. The aim is to provide a distinguished atmosphere and framework for exchanging the newest ideas and concepts in order to resolve the present challenges in the field. more
Ab initio Description of Iron and Steel: Multiple Impacts of Magnetism
The aim of the seminar is to bring together distinguished experts in ab-initio calculations and simulating/measuring magnetic properties of metals and steels. In particular, the meeting will be used to discuss recent progress in the accurate and efficient modeling of magnetic exicitations and their impact on material properties. It is the fifth workshop in a series of international meetings devoted to the ab initio description of iron and steel (ADIS). more
ICMR Workshop on Charged Systems and Solid/Liquid Interfaces 2014
This workshop aims at an exchange of ideas between scientist (both theoreticians and experimentalists) working on various aspects of charged defects in solids and liquids, solid/liquid interfaces and electro-chemistry. more
Connecting electrochemical and water simulations: Status and future challenges 2013
The aim of the workshop is to bring together distinguished scientists from the area of water simulations, simulations of liquids, coupling of different modelling descriptions, and the theory of electro-chemistry.


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