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Publications of Denis Mušić

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Journal Article
Holzapfel, D. M.; Mušić, D.; Hans, M.; Wolff-Goodrich, S.; Holec, D.; Bogdanovski, D.; Arndt, M.; Eriksson, A. O.; Yalamanchili, K.; Primetzhofer, D. et al.; Liebscher, C.; Schneider, J. M.: Enhanced thermal stability of (Ti,Al)N coatings by oxygen incorporation. Acta Materialia 218, 117204 (2021)
Journal Article
Marshal, A.; Singh, P.; Mušić, D.; Wolff-Goodrich, S.; Evertz, S.; Schökel, A.; Johnson, D. D.; Dehm, G.; Liebscher, C.; Schneider, J. M.: Effect of synthesis temperature on the phase formation of NiTiAlFeCr compositionally complex alloy thin films. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 854, 155178 (2021)
Journal Article
Evertz, S.; Schnabel, V.; Köhler, M.; Kirchlechner, I.; Kontis, P.; Chen, Y.-T.; Soler, R.; Jaya, B. N.; Kirchlechner, C.; Mušić, D. et al.; Gault, B.; Gault, B.; Schneider, J. M.; Raabe, D.; Dehm, G.: Review on Quantum Mechanically Guided Design of Ultra-Strong Metallic Glasses. Frontiers in Materials 7, 89 (2020)
Journal Article
Herrig, F.; Mušić, D.; Völker, B.; Hans, M.; Pöllmann, P. J.; Ravensburg, A. L.; Schneider, J. M.: Ab initio guided low temperature synthesis strategy for smooth face–centred cubic FeMn thin films. Metals 8 (6), 384 (2018)
Journal Article
Schnabel, V.; Köhler, M.; Mušić, D.; Bednarcik, J.; Clegg, W. J.; Raabe, D.; Schneider, J. M.: Ultra-stiff metallic glasses through bond energy density design. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29 (26), 265502 (2017)
Journal Article
Holec, D.; Zhou, L.; Riedl, H.; Koller, C. M.; Mayrhofer, P. H.; Friák, M.; Šob, M.; Körmann, F.; Neugebauer, J.; Mušić, D. et al.; Hartmann, M. A.; Fischer, F. D.: Atomistic Modeling-Based Design of Novel Materials. Advanced Engineering Materials 19 (4), 1600688 (2017)
Journal Article
Marshal, A.; Pradeep, K. G.; Mušić, D.; Zaefferer, S.; De, P. S.; Schneider, J. M.: Combinatorial synthesis of high entropy alloys: Introduction of a novel, single phase, body-centered-cubic FeMnCoCrAl solid solution. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 691, pp. 683 - 689 (2017)
Journal Article
Schnabel, V.; Köhler, M.; Evertz, S.; Gamcova, J.; Bednarcik, J.; Mušić, D.; Raabe, D.; Schneider, J. M.: Revealing the relationships between chemistry, topology and stiffness of ultrastrong Co-based metallic glass thin films: A combinatorial approach. Acta Materialia 107, pp. 213 - 219 (2016)
Journal Article
Schnabel, V.; Jaya, B. N.; Köhler, M.; Mušić, D.; Kirchlechner, C.; Dehm, G.; Raabe, D.; Schneider, J. M.: Electronic hybridisation implications for the damage-tolerance of thin film metallic glasses. Scientific Reports 6, 36556 , pp. 1 - 12 (2016)
Journal Article
Gebhardt, T.; Mušić, D.; Ekholm, M.; Abrikosov, I. A.; Vitos, L.; Dick, A.; Hickel, T.; Neugebauer, J.; Schneider, J. M.: The influence of additions of Al and Si on the lattice stability of fcc and hcp Fe–Mn random alloys. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (24), 246003 (2011)

Talk (1)

Hickel, T.; Dey, P.; McEniry, E.; Yao, M.; Herbig, M.; Lipińska-Chwałek, M.; Liebscher, C.; Mušić, D.; Hallstedt, B.; Haase, C. et al.; Song, W.; Scheu, C.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.; Neugebauer, J.: κ carbide microstructures and the role of interfaces in high-Mn lightweight steels. High-Mn Steel 2019, Aachen, Germany (2019)
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