Publications of Benjamin Berkels

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Journal Article
Berkels, B.; Liebscher, C.: Joint non-rigid image registration and reconstruction for quantitative atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy. Ultramicroscopy 198, pp. 49 - 57 (2019)
Journal Article
Liebscher, C.; Yao, M.; Dey, P.; Lipińska-Chwalek, M.; Lipińska-Chwalek, M.; Berkels, B.; Gault, B.; Hickel, T.; Herbig, M.; Mayer, J. et al.; Neugebauer, J.; Raabe, D.; Dehm, G.; Scheu, C.: Tetragonal fcc-Fe induced by κ-carbide precipitates: Atomic scale insights from correlative electron microscopy, atom probe tomography, and density functional theory. Physical Review Materials 2, 023804, pp. 1 - 6 (2018)
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