Publications of Min Zhu

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Journal Article
Yu, Y.; Zhou, C.; Zhang, S.; Zhu, M.; Wuttig, M.; Scheu, C.; Raabe, D.; Snyder, G. J.; Gault, B.; Cojocaru-Mirédin, O.: Revealing nano-chemistry at lattice defects in thermoelectric materials using atom probe tomography. Materials Today 32, pp. 260 - 274 (2020)
Journal Article
Zhu, M.; Song, W.; Konze, P. M.; Li, T.; Gault, B.; Chen, X.; Shen, J.; Lv, S.; Song, Z.; Wuttig, M. et al.; Dronskowski, R.: Direct atomic insight into the role of dopants in phase-change materials. Nature Communications 10, 3525 (2019)

Poster (1)

Zhang, S.; Mio, A.; Cagnoni, M.; Zhu, M.; Cojocaru-Mirédin, O.; Wuttig, M.; Scheu, C.: Valence EELS investigation on GeSexTe1-x phase change material. EDGE 2017: Enhanced Data Generated by Electrons, 8th International Workshop on Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Related Techniques, Okuma, Okinawa, Japan (2017)
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