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Kim, J.-H.; Kim, B. K.; Kim, D.-I.; Choi, P.-P.; Raabe, D.; Yi, K.-W.: The role of grain boundaries in the initial oxidation behavior of austenitic stainless steel containing alloyed Cu at 700 °C for advanced thermal power plant applications. Corrosion Science 96, pp. 52 - 66 (2015)

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Herbig, M.; Kim, J.-H.; Ponge, D.; Li, Y.; Morsdorf, L.; Goto, S.; Haley, D.; Koyama, M.; Bashir, A.; Merzlikin, S. V. et al.; Rohwerder, M.; Akiyama, E.; Tsuzaki, K.; Kuzmina, M.; Sandlöbes, S.; Choi, P.-P.; Kirchheim, R.; Raabe, D.: Nanostructure Manipulation by Segregation Engineering. 2nd ESISM International Workshop on Fundamental Issues of Structural Materials, Kyoto, Japan (2014)
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