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Journal Article
Stockem, I.; Bergman, A.; Glensk, A.; Hickel, T.; Körmann, F.; Grabowski, B.; Neugebauer, J.; Alling, B.: Anomalous Phonon Lifetime Shortening in Paramagnetic CrN Caused by Spin-Lattice Coupling: A Combined Spin and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study. Physical Review Letters 121 (12), 125902 (2018)

Talk (2)

Stockem, I.: The interaction of spin dynamics and lattice vibrations of CrN in the paramagnetic state. BIfAM Seminar, Bielefeld, Germany (2017)
Stockem, I.; Alling, B.: Interdependence of the spin and lattice dynamics of CrN in the high temperature paramagnetic phase. DPG Frühjahrstagung, Dresden, Germany (2017)
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