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    Journal Article
    O’Donoghue, R.; Rechmann, J.; Aghaee, M.; Rogalla, D.; Becker, H.-W.; Creatore, M.; Wieck, A. D.; Devi, A.: LOW temperature growth of gallium oxide thin films via plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition. Dalton Transactions 46, pp. 16551 - 16561 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    O’ Donoghue, R.; Peeters, D.; Rogalla, D.; Becker, H.-W.; Rechmann, J.; Henke, S.; Winter, M.; Devi, A.: Systematic molecular engineering of Zn-ketoiminates for application as precursors in atomic layer depositions of zinc oxide. Dalton Transactions 45, pp. 19012 - 19023 (2016)
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