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Journal Article
Schmidt, W. G.; Wippermann, S. M.; Sanna, S.; Babilon, M.; Vollmers, N. J.; Gerstmann, U.: In-Si(111)(4 x 1)/(8 x 2) nanowires: Electron transport, entropy, and metal-insulator transition. Physica Status Solidi B 249 (2), pp. 343 - 359 (2012)
Journal Article
Schmidt, W. G.; Babilon, M.; Thierfelder, C.; Sanna, S.; Wippermann, S. M.: Influence of Na adsorption on the quantum conductance and metal-insulator transition of the In-Si(111)(4 x 1)-(8 x 2) nanowire array. Physical Review B 84 (11), 115416 (2011)
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