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Publications of Herbert Danninger

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Auinger, M.; Praig, V. G.; Linder, B.; Danninger, H.: Grain boundary oxidation in iron-based alloys, investigated by 18O enriched water vapour - The effect of mixed oxides in binary and ternary Fe–{Al, Cr, Mn, Si} systems. Corrosion Science 96, pp. 133 - 143 (2015)
Journal Article
Auinger, M.; Vogel, A.; Praig, V. G.; Danninger, H.; Rohwerder, M.: Thermogravimetry and insitu mass spectrometry at high temperatures compared to theoretical modelling - The weight loss during selective decarburisation at 800 °C. Corrosion Science 78, pp. 188 - 192 (2014)

Poster (1)

Auinger, M.; Vogel, A.; Vogel, D.; Praig, V. G.; Danninger, H.; Rohwerder, M.: Decarburisation in Steels at Elevated Temperatures - Experimental Observations by in-situ Mass Spectrometry and Theoretical Calculations. 8th International Symposium on High-Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials, Les Embiez, France (2012)
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