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    Book Chapter
    Robach, O.; Kirchlechner, C.; Micha, J.-S.; Ulrich, O.; Biquard, X.; Geaymond, O.; Castelnau, O.; Bornert, M.; Petit, J.; Berveiller, S. et al.; Sicardy, O.; Villanova, J.; Rieutord, F.: Laue Microdiffraction at the ESRF. In: Strain and Dislocation Gradients from Diffraction: Spatially-Resolved Local Structure and Defects, pp. 156 - 204 (Eds. Barabash, R.; Ice, G.). Imperial College Press, London, UK (2014)

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    Molin, J.-B.; Renversade, L.; Micha, J. S.; Ulrich, O.; Geaymond, O.; Tardif, S.; Robach, O.; Kirchlechner, C.: Suivi de l’endommagement par fatigue de micropiliers bicristallins par microdiffraction Laue 3D. XIIIème Colloque Rayons X et Matière, Nancy, France (2019)
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