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Publications of Sangeetha Raman

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Journal Article
Raman, S.; Malms, L.; Utzig, T.; Shrestha, B. R.; Stock, P.; Krishnan, S.; Valtiner, M.: Adhesive barnacle peptides exhibit a steric-driven design rule to enhance adhesion between asymmetric surfaces. Colloids and Surfaces B 152, pp. 42 - 48 (2017)
Journal Article
Utzig, T.; Stock, P.; Raman, S.; Valtiner, M.: Targeted Tuning of Interactive Forces by Engineering of Molecular Bonds in Series and Parallel Using Peptide-Based Adhesives. Langmuir 31 (40), pp. 11051 - 11057 (2015)
Journal Article
Sridar, S.; Raman, S.; Kumar, R.: Nature's design for superhydrophobicity in tropical leaves. Surface Innovations 3 (3), pp. 144 - 150 (2015)
Journal Article
Utzig, T.; Stock, P.; Raman, S.; Valtiner, M.: Klebstoffentwicklung aus dem molekularen Baukasten - Phänomen der Adhäsion entschlüsselt. Adhäsion, pp. 51 - 55 (2015)
Journal Article
Utzig, T.; Raman, S.; Valtiner, M.: Scaling from Single Molecule to Macroscopic Adhesion at Polymer/Metal Interfaces. Langmuir 31 (9), pp. 2722 - 2729 (2015)
Journal Article
Utzig, T.; Stock, P.; Raman, S.; Valtiner, M.: Phenomenon of adhesion decoded [Phänomen der Adhäsion entschlüsselt]. Adhäsion Kleben und Dichten (4), pp. 51 - 55 (2015)
Journal Article
Raman, S.; Utzig, T.; Baimpos, T.; Shrestha, B. R.; Valtiner, M.: Deciphering the scaling of single-molecule interactions using Jarzynski's equality. Nature Communications 5, 5539 (2014)
Journal Article
Kristiansen, K.; Stock, P.; Baimpos, T.; Raman, S.; Harada, J. K.; Israelachvili, J. N.; Valtiner, M.: Influence of molecular dipole orientations on long-range exponential interaction forces at hydrophobic contacts in aqueous solutions. ACS Nano 8 (10), pp. 10870 - 10877 (2014)
Journal Article
Shrestha, B. R.; Baimpos, T.; Raman, S.; Valtiner, M.: Angstrom-resolved real-time dissection of electrochemically active noble metal interfaces. ACS Nano 8 (6), pp. 5979 - 5987 (2014)
Journal Article
Donaldson Jr., S. H.; Utzig, T.; Gebbie, M. A.; Raman, S.; Shrestha, B. R.; Israelachvili, J. N.; Valtiner, M.: Electrochemical control of specific adhesion between amine functionalized polymers and noble metal electrode interfaces. Materials and Corrosion 65 (4), pp. 362 - 369 (2014)
Journal Article
Baimpos, T.; Shrestha, B. R.; Raman, S.; Valtiner, M.: Effect of interfacial ion structuring on range and magnitude of electric double layer, hydration, and adhesive interactions between mica surfaces in 0.05-3 M Li+ and Cs+ electrolyte solutions. Langmuir 30, pp. 4322 - 4332 (2014)
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