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  1. 461.
    Fanta, A.B.; Thomas, I.; Zaefferer, S.: Investigations on the deformation mechanisms of TWIP steels using EBSD. EBSD 2008, Sheffield, UK (2008)
  2. 462.
    Zambaldi, C.; Zaefferer, S.; Wright, S. I.: Determination of texture and microstructure of ordering domains in gamma-TiAl. Electron Backscatter Diffraction Meeting by the Royal Microscopical Society, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK (2008)
  3. 463.
    Frommert, M.; Zobrist, C.; Lahn, L.; Böttcher, A.; Raabe, D.; Zaefferer, S.: Texture measurement of grain-oriented electrical steel after secondary recrystallisation. Soft Magnetic Materials Conference (SMM 18), Cardiff, UK (2007)
  4. 464.
    Zaefferer, S.; Romano, P.: Attempt to identify and quantify microstructural constituents in low-alloyed TRIP steels by simultaneous EBSD and EDS measurements. M&M 2007, Microscopy and Microanalysis 2007 Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA (2007)
  5. 465.
    Frommert, M.; Dorner, D.; Lahn, L.; Raabe, D.; Zaefferer, S.: 3D Investigation of Early Stages of Recrystallization in Deformed Goss-Oriented Fe3%Si Single Crystals. The Third International Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth ReX & GG III, Jeju Island, South Korea (2007)
  6. 466.
    Zaefferer, S.: Some ideas on the formation mechanisms and intensity of electron backscatter diffraction patterns. 14th Conference on Electron Backscatter Diffraction, New Lanark, Scotland, UK (2007)
  7. 467.
    Bastos, A.; Zaefferer, S.; Raabe, D.: 3 Dimensional EBSD study of the relationship between triple junctions and columnar grain in electrodeposited materials. Electron Back Scatter Diffraction Meeting 2007, New Lanark, Scotland, UK (2007)
  8. 468.
    Kobayashi, S.; Zaefferer, S.: Thermal Stability of Carbide Particles in Fe3Al-Cr-Mo-C Alloys. 3rd FeAl meeting, Düsseldorf, Germany (2006)
  9. 469.
    Bastos da Silva, A. F.; Zaefferer, S.; Raabe, D.: Three Dimension Characterization of Electrodeposited Samples. MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, USA (2005)
  10. 470.
    Konrad, J.; Raabe, D.; Zaefferer, S.: Thermomechanical Treatment of a Fe3Al Alloy. Junior DGM-Tag 2005, Hanau, Germany (2005)
  11. 471.
    Dorner, D.; Zaefferer, S.: 3D reconstruction of an abnormally growing Goss grain in Fe3%Si by FIB serial sectioning and EBSD. DPG-Jahrestagung 2005, Berlin, Germany (2005)
  12. 472.
    Zaafarani, N.; Singh, R.; Zaefferer, S.; Roters, F.; Raabe, D.: 3D experimental investigation and crystal plasticity FEM simulation of the texture and microstructure below a nanoindent in a Cu-single crystal. 6th European Symposium on nano-mechanical Testing (Nanomech 6), Hückelhoven, Germany (2005)
  13. 473.
    Konrad, J.; Raabe, D.; Zaefferer, S.: Deformation Behavior of a Fe3Al Alloy During Thermomechanical Treatment. MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, USA (2004)
  14. 474.
    Thomas, I.; Zaefferer, S.; Friedel, F.; Raabe, D.: Orientation dependent growth behaviour of subgrain structures in IF steel. 2nd International Joint Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth, Annecy, France (2004)
  15. 475.
    Konrad, J.; Raabe, D.; Zaefferer, S.: Nucleation Mechanisms of Recrystallization in Warm Rolled Fe3Al Base Alloys. Discussion Meeting on the Development of Innovative Iron Aluminium Alloys, MPIE, Düsseldorf, Germany (2004)
  16. 476.
    Wöllmer, S.; Zaefferer, S.; Göken, M.; Mack, T.; Glatzel, U.: Characterization of phases of aluminized nickel base superalloys. Intern. Conf. on Strength of Materials (ICSMA 13), Budapest, Hungary (2003)

Teaching (28)

  1. 477.
    Zaefferer, S.: EBSD – Grundlagen und Anwendungen. Lecture: Frühjahrskurs 2018, Fachhochschule Münster, Akademie für Elektronenmikroskopie, Münster, Germany, 2018-03
  2. 478.
    Zaefferer, S.; Hickel, T.; Song, W.: Microstructures, Microscopy & Modelling. Lecture: SS 2018, RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany, April 09, 2018 - July 20, 2018
  3. 479.
    Zaefferer, S.: Textures, Microstructures and Microscopy. Lecture: Autumn Course 2018, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 2018-10
  4. 480.
    Zaefferer, S.: EBSD – Grundlagen und Anwendungen. Lecture: Frühjahrskurs 2017, Fachhochschule Münster, Akademie für Elektronenmikroskopie, Münster, Germany, 2017-03
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