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  1. 21.
    Journal Article
    Niendorf, T.; Wegener, T.; Li, Z.; Raabe, D.: Unexpected cyclic stress-strain response of dual-phase high-entropy alloys induced by partial reversibility of deformation. Scripta Materialia 143, pp. 63 - 67 (2018)
  2. 22.
    Journal Article
    Fu, Z.; MacDonald, B. E.; Li, Z.; Jiang, Z.; Chen, W.; Zhou, Y. Z.; Lavernia, E. J.: Engineering heterostructured grains to enhance strength in a single-phase high-entropy alloy with maintained ductility. Materials Research Letters 6 (11), pp. 634 - 640 (2018)
  3. 23.
    Journal Article
    Lu, W.; Liebscher, C.; Dehm, G.; Raabe, D.; Li, Z.: Bidirectional Transformation Enables Hierarchical Nanolaminate Dual‐Phase High‐Entropy Alloys. Advanced Materials, 1804727 (2018)
  4. 24.
    Journal Article
    Nene, S. S.; Liu, K.; Frank, M.; Mishra, R. S.; Brennan, R. E.; Cho, K. C.; Li, Z.; Raabe, D.: Enhanced strength and ductility in a friction stir processing engineered dual phase high entropy alloy. Scientific Reports 7 (1), 16167 (2017)
  5. 25.
    Journal Article
    Li, Z.; Körmann, F.; Grabowski, B.; Neugebauer, J.; Raabe, D.: Ab initio assisted design of quinary dual-phase high-entropy alloys with transformation-induced plasticity. Acta Materialia 136, pp. 262 - 270 (2017)
  6. 26.
    Journal Article
    Luo, H.; Li, Z.; Raabe, D.: Hydrogen enhances strength and ductility of an equiatomic high-entropy alloy. Scientific Reports 7 (1), 9892 (2017)
  7. 27.
    Journal Article
    Li, Z.; Tasan, C. C.; Pradeep, K. G.; Raabe, D.: A TRIP-assisted dual-phase high-entropy alloy: Grain size and phase fraction effects on deformation behavior. Acta Materialia 131, pp. 323 - 335 (2017)
  8. 28.
    Journal Article
    Luo, H.; Li, Z.; Chen, Y.-H.; Ponge, D.; Rohwerder, M.; Raabe, D.: Hydrogen effects on microstructural evolution and passive film characteristics of a duplex stainless steel. Electrochemistry Communucations 79, pp. 28 - 32 (2017)
  9. 29.
    Journal Article
    Li, Z.; Tasan, C. C.; Springer, H.; Gault, B.; Raabe, D.: Interstitial atoms enable joint twinning and transformation induced plasticity in strong and ductile high-entropy alloys. Scientific Reports 7, 40704 (2017)
  10. 30.
    Journal Article
    Li, Z.; Raabe, D.: Strong and Ductile Non-equiatomic High-Entropy Alloys: Design, Processing, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties. JOM-Journal of the Minerals Metals & Materials Society 69 (11), pp. 2099 - 2106 (2017)
  11. 31.
    Journal Article
    Li, Z.; Yang, X.; Zhang, J.; Shan, A.: Interfacial Mechanical Behavior and Electrochemical Corrosion Characteristics of Cold-Sprayed and Hot-Rolled Titanium/Stainless-Steel Couples. Advanced Engineering Materials 18 (7), pp. 1240 - 1249 (2016)
  12. 32.
    Journal Article
    Li, Z.; Pradeep, K. G.; Deng, Y.; Raabe, D.; Tasan, C. C.: Metastable high-entropy dual-phase alloys overcome the strength–ductility trade-off. Nature 534, pp. 227 - 230 (2016)
  13. 33.
    Journal Article
    Li, Z.; Zheng, B.; Kurmanaeva, L. R.; Zhou, Y. Z.; Valiev, R. Z.; Lavernia, E. J.: High-strain induced reverse martensitic transformation in an ultrafine-grained Ti–Nb–Ta–Zr alloy. Philosophical Magazine Letters 96 (5), pp. 189 - 195 (2016)
  14. 34.
    Journal Article
    Li, Z.; Sun, Y.; Lavernia, E. J.; Shan, A.: Mechanical Behavior of Ultrafine-Grained Ti–6Al–4V Alloy Produced by Severe Warm Rolling: The Influence of Starting Microstructure and Reduction Ratio. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions a-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science 46 (11), pp. 5047 - 5057 (2015)

Talk (35)

  1. 35.
    Raabe, D.; Neugebauer, J.; Körmann, F.; Rao, Z.; Gault, B.; Lu, W.; Li, Z.: Metastability High Entropy Alloy Design. MRS Fall Conference, Boston, MA, USA (2019)
  2. 36.
    Raabe, D.; Ponge, D.; Li, Z.; Neugebauer, J.; Körmann, F.; Rao, Z.; Gault, B.: Metastable High Entropy Alloys. World Congress on High Entropy Alloys, Seattle, WA, USA (2019)
  3. 37.
    Rao, Z.; Li, Z.; Körmann, F.; Dutta, B.; Ponge, D.; Schäfer, L.; Skokov, K.; Gutfleisch, O.; Raabe, D.: Abnormal magnetic behavior of FeNiCoMnCu high entropy alloys. DPG Regensburg 2019, Regensburg, Germany (2019)
  4. 38.
    Wu, X.; Ikeda, Y.; Körmann, F.; Raabe, D.; Li, Z.: Quinary TWIP-TRIP high-entropy alloys: design, microstructure and mechanical properties. DPG Regensburg 2019, Regensburg, Germany (2019)
  5. 39.
    Dutta, B.; Rao, Z.; Schäfer, L.; Li, Z.; Gutfleisch, O.; Körmann, F.; Raabe, D.: Tuning magnetic properties of high entropy alloys: A combined theoretical and experimental study. DPG Regensburg 2019, Regensburg, Germany (2019)
  6. 40.
    Su, J.; Raabe, D.; Li, Z.: On the mechanism of displacive phase transformation in metastable high entropy alloys. DPG Regensburg 2019, Regensburg, Germany (2019)
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