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Publications of Marcel Himmerlich

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Lymperakis, L.; Neugebauer, J.; Himmerlich, M.; Krischok, S.; Rink, M.; Kröger, J.; Polyakov, V. M.: Adsorption and desorption of hydrogen at nonpolar GaN(1(1)over-bar00) surfaces: Kinetics and impact on surface vibrational and electronic properties. Physical Review B 95 (19), 195314 (2017)
Journal Article
Himmerlich, M.; Lymperakis, L.; Gutt, R.; Lorenz, P.; Neugebauer, J.; Krischok, S.: GaN(0001)surface states: Experimental and theoretical fingerprints to identify surface reconstructions. Physical Review B 88 (12), 125304 (2013)
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