Publications of Davide Gambino

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Journal Article
Ekholm, M.; Gambino, D.; Jönsson, H. J. M.; Tasnádi, F.; Alling, B.; Abrikosov, I. A.: Assessing the SCAN functional for itinerant electron ferromagnets. Physical Review B 98 (9), 094413 (2018)
Journal Article
Gambino, D.; Alling, B.: Lattice relaxations in disordered Fe-based materials in the paramagnetic state from first principles. Physical Review B 98 (6), 064105 (2018)
Journal Article
Gambino, D.; Sangiovanni, D. G.; Alling, B.; Abrikosov, I. A.: Nonequilibrium ab initio molecular dynamics determination of Ti monovacancy migration rates in B1 TiN. Physical Review B 96 (10), 104306 (2017)
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