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Gubaev, K.; Ikeda, Y.; Tasnádi, F.; Neugebauer, J.; Shapeev, A.; Grabowski, B.; Körmann, F.: Finite-temperature interplay of structural stability, chemical complexity, and elastic properties of bcc multicomponent alloys from ab initio trained machine-learning potentials. Physical Review Materials 5 (7), 073801 (2021)
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Ekholm, M.; Gambino, D.; Jönsson, H. J. M.; Tasnádi, F.; Alling, B.; Abrikosov, I. A.: Assessing the SCAN functional for itinerant electron ferromagnets. Physical Review B 98 (9), 094413 (2018)
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Ektarawong, A.; Simak, S. I.; Hultman, L.; Birch, J.; Tasnádi, F.; Wang, F.; Alling, B.: Effects of configurational disorder on the elastic properties of icosahedral boron-rich alloys based on B6O, B13C2, and B4C, and their mixing thermodynamics. The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (13), 134503 (2016)
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Tholander, C.; Birch, J.; Tasnádi, F.; Hultman, L.; Palisaitis, J.; Persson, P. O. Å.; Jensen, J. A. D.; Sandström, P. A.; Alling, B.; Žukauskaitė, A.: Ab initio calculations and experimental study of piezoelectric YxIn1-xN thin films deposited using reactive magnetron sputter epitaxy. Acta Materialia 105, pp. 199 - 206 (2016)
Journal Article
Tholander, C.; Tasnádi, F.; Abrikosov, I. A.; Hultman, L.; Birch, J.; Alling, B.: Large piezoelectric response of quarternary wurtzite nitride alloys and its physical origin from first principles. Physical Review B 92 (17), 174119 (2015)
Journal Article
Holec, D.; Tasnádi, F.; Wagner, P.; Friák, M.; Neugebauer, J.; Mayrhofer, P. H.; Kečkéš, J.; Kečkéš, J.: Macroscopic elastic properties of textured ZrN–AlN polycrystalline aggregates. Physical Review B 90 (18), 184106 (2014)
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