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Location: Ringberg Castle, Kreuth, Germany
The Winter School was held on the 3rd-6th of March, 2019, in parallel with the 33rd MSIT Meeting on Heterogeneous Equilibria, in the glorious setting of Schloss Ringberg in Bavaria. A total of 52 people attending the both meetings with the Winter School having 28 participants. The format of the Winter School, which combined theory and practice of the evaluation of phase equilibria and thermodynamics, leading to the thermodynamic modelling of a real binary system has proved to be extremely popular. Starting with the basic theory of thermodynamics, phase diagrams and crystallography, students then learned how measurements were made and how these are then used, after critical evaluation, in thermodynamic modelling.The Winter School lasted for three full days but most of the students stayed for the whole week to join in the evaluation work, which has been the staple of the MSIT for over 33 years. [more]
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