Christoph Freysoldt selected for Honorary J.H. Block Lecture

September 27, 2023

The International Field Emission Society has chosen Dr. Christoph Freysoldt, head of the group “Defect Chemistry & Spectroscopy” at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE), as the distinguished speaker for the J.H. Block Lecture at the Atom Probe Tomography and Microscopy Conference 2023 in Leuven, Belgium. This lecture is awarded to mid-career scientists who have made significant and innovative contributions to the research field.

One of Freysoldt’s main research topics and subject of the Block lecture revolves around big data driven materials science. Therefore, he collaborates closely with experimentalists at MPIE and worldwide to enhance machine learning approaches for the mining and analysis of data generated through atom probe tomography (APT) and field ion microscopy (FIM). Moreover, he and his research group are actively developing simulation techniques, particularly density functional theory methods, to investigate electrified surfaces at the atomic scale. These investigations aim at developing a quantitative theory of field evaporation and field ionization, the fundamental processes in APT and FIM, by exploiting the predictive power of modern electronic structure theory.

The lecture pays tribute to Professor J.H. Block, a pioneer in the fields of field emission and field ionization studies, and former director of the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin until his passing in 1995.

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