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Journal Article
Jovičević-Klug, M.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Springer, H.; Adam, C.; Raabe, D.: Green steel from red mud through climate-neutral hydrogen plasma reduction. Nature 625, pp. 703 - 709 (2024)
Journal Article
Pauna, H.; Ernst, D.; Zarl, M.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Kulse, M.; Büyükuslu, Ö.; Jovičević-Klug, M.; Springer, H.; Huttula, M.; Schenk, J. et al.; Fabritius, T.; Raabe, D.: The Optical Spectra of Hydrogen Plasma Smelting Reduction of Iron Ore: Application and Requirements. Steel Research International (2024)
Journal Article
Souza Filho, I. R.; Ma, Y.; Raabe, D.; Springer, H.: Fundamentals of Green Steel Production: On the Role of Gas Pressure During Hydrogen Reduction of Iron Ores. JOM-Journal of the Minerals Metals & Materials Society 75, pp. 2274 - 2286 (2023)
Journal Article
Zubair, M.; Felten, M.; Hallstedt, B.; Vega Paredes, M.; Abdellaoui, L.; Bueno Villoro, R.; Lipinska-Chwalek, M.; Ayeb, N.; Springer, H.; Mayer, J. et al.; Berkels, B.; Zander, D.; Korte-Kerzel, S.; Scheu, C.; Zhang, S.: Laves phases in Mg–Al–Ca alloys and their effect on mechanical properties. Materials & Design 225, 111470 (2023)
Journal Article
Choisez , L.; van Rooij, N. E.; Hessels , C. J. M.; Kwiatkowski da Silva, A.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Ma, Y.; de Goey, P.; Springer, H.; Raabe, D.: Phase transformations and microstructure evolution during combustion of iron powder. Acta Materialia 239, 118261 (2022)
Journal Article
Andre, D.; Freund, M.; Rehman, U.; Delis, W.; Felten, M.; Nowak, J.; Tian, C.; Zubair, M.; Tanure, L.; Abdellaoui, L. et al.; Springer, H.; Best, J. P.; Zander, D.; Dehm, G.; Sandlöbes-Haut, S.; Korte-Kerzel, S.: Metallographic preparation methods for the Mg based system Mg–Al–Ca and its Laves phases. Materials Characterization 192, 112187 (2022)
Journal Article
Souza Filho, I. R.; Springer, H.; Ma, Y.; Mahajan, A.; Corrêa da Silva, C.; Kulse, M.; Raabe, D.: Green steel at its crossroads: Hybrid hydrogen-based reduction of iron ores. Journal of Cleaner Production 340, 130805 (2022)
Journal Article
Rao, Z.; Springer, H.; Ponge, D.; Li, Z.: Combinatorial development of multicomponent Invar alloys via rapid alloy prototyping. Materialia 21, 101326 (2022)
Journal Article
Ma, Y.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Zhang, X.; Nandy, S.; Barriobero-Vila, P.; Requena, G.; Vogel, D.; Rohwerder, M.; Ponge, D.; Springer, H. et al.; Raabe, D.: Hydrogen-based direct reduction of iron oxide at 700°C: Heterogeneity at pellet and microstructure scales. International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials 29 (10), pp. 1901 - 1907 (2022)
Journal Article
Springer, H.; Baron, C.; Tanure, L.; Rohwerder, M.: A combinatorial study of the effect of Al and Cr additions on the mechanical, physical and corrosion properties of Fe. Materials Today Communications 29, 102947 (2021)
Journal Article
Hans, M.; Keuter, P.; Saksena, A.; Sälker, J. A.; Momma, M.; Springer, H.; Nowak, J.; Zander, D.; Primetzhofer, D.; Schneider, J. M.: Opportunities of combinatorial thin film materials design for the sustainable development of magnesium-based alloys. Scientific Reports 11, 17454 (2021)
Journal Article
Souza Filho, I. R.; Ma, Y.; Kulse, M.; Ponge, D.; Gault, B.; Springer, H.; Raabe, D.: Sustainable steel through hydrogen plasma reduction of iron ore: Process, kinetics, microstructure, chemistry. Acta Materialia 213, 116971 (2021)
Journal Article
Pinson, M.; Springer, H.; Depover, T.; Verbeken, K.: The effect of quench cracks and retained austenite on the hydrogen trapping capacity of high carbon martensitic steels. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46 (29), pp. 16141 - 16152 (2021)
Journal Article
Baron, C.; Werner, H.; Springer, H.: On the effect of carbon content and tempering on mechanical properties and stiffness of martensitic Fe–18.8Cr–1.8B–xC high modulus steels. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 809, 141000 (2021)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Springer, H.; Baron, C.: High-Modulus Steels. In: High-Performance Ferrous Alloys, pp. 291 - 326 (Ed. Rana, R.). Springer Nature Switzerland, Cham, Switzerland (2021)

Talk (1)

Raabe, D.; Kim, S.-H.; Zhang, X.; Ma, Y.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Schweinar, K.; Angenendt, K.; Vogel, D.; Stephenson, L.; El-Zoka, A. et al.; Mianroodi, J. R.; Rohwerder, M.; Gault, B.; Bai, Y.; Springer, H.; Ponge, D.; Kulse, M.; Mahajan, A.; Zaefferer, S.: Sustainable Metals. Virtual Keynote Perspective Lecture, Materials Chain and Materials Science Department, RUB , Bochum, Germany (accepted)

Teaching (4)

Springer, H.: Allgemeine Werkstofftechnik. Lecture: WS 2024/2025, RWTH Aachen University, 2024-10 - 2025-03
Springer, H.: Allgemeine Werkstofftechnik. Lecture: WS 2023/2024, RWTH Aachen University, 2023-10 - 2024-03
Springer, H.: Allgemeine Werkstofftechnik. Lecture: WS 2022/2023, RWTH Aachen University, 2022-10 - 2023-03
Springer, H.: Allgemeine Werkstofftechnik. Lecture: WS 2021/2022, RWTH Aachen University, 2021-10 - 2022-03
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