Sustainable Materials

Shaping our future in terms of sustainable technologies, new materials and industrial processes is one of the most important topics of our generation and we are in need of scientific and engineering answers. How can we avoid the use of carbon as energy and reductant carrier in the entire field of materials science and engineering? How can we make better and rare-earth free permanent magnets for electrical vehicles? How can we render alloys sustainable and improve recycling rates? Which are the novel materials that can withstand embrit­tlement caused by hydrogen? And what is the potential of new thermoelectric and so­lar cell absorber materials for green power generation? We have devoted our efforts to provide answers to these pressing ques­tions, showing you here some of our cur­rent research in the field of sustainability. Please contact us if you like to know more.
Experience indicates a high sensitivity of high strength materials against hydrogen embrittlement (HE). Steels with a yield strength exceeding 1000 MPa are usually not employed for...
A third of the power consumed across the industry sector is lost as heat. Thermoelectric materials convert heat into electricity and can harvest this wasted heat to regenerate clean energy.
Permanent magnets form a critical contribution to many sustainable energy technologies, such as electrical motors used in automotive applications.

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