Growth Modelling

Growth Modelling

The growth modeling project group ficuses on the epitaxial growth and the properties of compound semiconductors and nanostructures. The aim of the project group Growth Modelling is to investigate the physics underlying the growth of semiconductor materials.

This research group is no longer active!
Liverios Lymperakis is now at University of Crete.


The research interests of the group focus on:

  • The thermodynamics and kinetics of epitaxial growth.
  • The electronic properties and energetics of extended defects, surfaces, and interfaces. 
  • The growth and the properties of semiconductor nanostructures.

The group has a strong focus on III-Nitride materials and on surface and extended defect related topics. The majority of the activities are closely interlinked by experimental works (both growth and characterization) within the MPIE and beyond.





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