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Microscopy and Diffraction

The M&D research group is defined through two correlated tasks: on the one hand, we aim at understanding microstructure formation mechanisms and the relation between microstructures and properties of materials by investigations on the microscopic level. To this aim we develop or advance, on the other hand, microscopy and diffraction techniques. Currently the focus lies on techniques in the scanning electron microscope, in particular on the electron diffraction techniques (EBSD, 3D EBSD, XR-EBSD, ECCI). Nevertheless, we do also have expertise in the field of imaging and diffraction in transmission electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction (pole figure measurements). With respect to microstructure formation we pursue questions on deformation, recrystallization and solid-state phase transformations. Concerning microstructure properties the main focus is on mechanical properties, although, in recent years, also corrosion and electronic properties are spotlighted. The spectrum of investigated materials comprises AHS steels of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation (DP steels, low alloyed TRIP steels, CP steels, high-Mn steels, Q&P steels), electrical steels, austenitic stainless steels, superalloys, magnesium-, aluminium- and copper alloys, intermetallic compounds (aluminides, Laves phases), and, since shortly, a range of photovoltaic materials (CdTe, Si, CIGS, GaAs).

Here we give an overview on the characteristics of some of the materials we investigate in our research. [more]
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All research projects deal with the application and/or development of tools for electron microscopy to the understanding of microstructure formation mechanisms and microstructure-property relations [more]
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