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Scheu, C.; Dehm, G.; Rühle, M.; Brydson, R.: Electron-energy-loss spectroscopy studies of Cu-α-Al2O3 interfaces grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Philosophical Magazine A: Physics of Condensed Matter, Structure, Defects and Mechanical Properties 78 (2), pp. 439 - 465 (1998)
Journal Article
Dehm, G.; Scheu, C.; Möbus, G.; Brydson, R.; Rühle, M.: Synthesis of Analytical and High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy to Determine the Interface Structure of Cu/Al2O3. Ultramicroscopy 67 (1-4), pp. 207 - 217 (1997)
Journal Article
Scheu, C.; Dehm, G.; Müllejans, H.; Brydson, R.; Rühle, M.: Electron Energy-Loss Near-Edge Structure of Metal-Alumina Interfaces. Microscopy Microanalysis Microstructures 6 (1), pp. 19 - 31 (1995)
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