Publications of P. Ebbinghaus

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
Lesser-Rojas, L.; Erbe, A.; Ebbinghaus, P.; Chu, M.-L.; Chou, C.-F.: Electrode nanogap enhanced and dielectrophoresis-enabled Raman spectroscopy of single biomolecules with simultaneous real-time electronic monitoring. In: Proceedings of µTAS 2012, pp. 1797 - 1800. The 16th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, Okinawa, Japan, October 28, 2012 - November 01, 2012. (2012)

Talk (4)

Aymerich Armengol, R.; Ebbinghaus, P.; Rabe, M.; Tschulik, K.; Lim, J.: Morphology transformation mechanism of 2D MnOx nanosheets through galvanic exchange reaction. 5th International Caparica Symposium on Nanoparticles/Nanomaterials and Applications (ISN2A), Online (2022)
Ebbinghaus, P.; Rabe, M.; Erbe, A.: Time-dependent Water Uptake in s Polymer Model Coating Visualised by FTIR Microscopy Using a Focal Plane Array Detector. Fourier Transform Spectroscopy 2016, Leipzig, Germany (2016)
Keil, P.; Kluth, P.; Ebbinghaus, P.; Yliniemi, K.; Grundmeier, G.: Structural characterization and barrier properties of silver nanoparticles containing sol-gel films modified by oxidizing and reducing low temperature plasmas. EUROMAT 2007, European Congress and Exhibition an Advanced Materials and Processes, Nürnberg, Germany (2007)
Grundmeier, G.; Wang, X.; Barranco, V.; Ebbinghaus, P.: Structure and barrier properties of thin plasma polymers and metal/plasma polymer nanocomposite film. ACHEMA, Frankfurt a. M., Germany (2006)

Poster (1)

Yliniemi, K.; Ebbinghaus, P.; Kontturi, K.; Grundmeier, G.: Antibacterial Surfaces-Formation and Characterization of Ag-nanoparticle Ultra-thin Films. 57th Annual Meeting of ISE, Edinburgh, UK (2006)
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