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Journal Article
Antonov, S.; Shi, R.; Li, D.; Kloenne, Z.; Zheng, Y.; Fraser, H. L.; Raabe, D.; Gault, B.: Nucleation and growth of α phase in a metastable β-Titanium Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr alloy: Influence from the nano-scale, ordered-orthorhombic O″ phase and α compositional evolution. Scripta Materialia 194, 113672 (2021)
Journal Article
Antonov, S.; Zheng, Y.; Sosa, J. M.; Fraser, H. L.; Cormier, J.; Gault, B.: Plasticity assisted redistribution of solutes leading to topological inversion during creep of superalloys. Scripta Materialia 186, pp. 287 - 292 (2020)
Journal Article
Zheng, Y.; Antonov, S.; Fraser, H. L.: Exploration of Novel Ordering Mechanism in Titanium Alloys Using Atom Probe Tomography and Aberration-corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy. Microscopy and Microanalysis 26 (S2), pp. 2078 - 2079 (2020)
Journal Article
Ackerman, A.; Vorontsov, V. A.; Bantounas, I.; Zheng, Y.; Chang, Y.; McAuliffe, T.; Clark, W. A.; Fraser, H. L.; Gault, B.; Rugg, D. et al.; Dye, D.: Interface characteristics in an α+β titanium alloy. Physical Review Materials 4 (1), 013602 (2020)
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