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Journal Article
Beyerlein, I. J.; Xu, S.; Llorca, J.; El-Awady, J. A.; Mianroodi, J. R.; Svendsen, B.: Alloy design for mechanical properties: Conquering the length scales. MRS Bulletin 44 (4), pp. 257 - 265 (2019)
Journal Article
Fan, H.; Zhu, Y.; El-Awady, J. A.; Raabe, D.: Precipitation hardening effects on extension twinning in magnesium alloys. International Journal of Plasticity 106, pp. 186 - 202 (2018)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Hendy, M.; Hatem, T. M.; El-Awady, J. A.: Atomistic simulations of carbon diffusion and segregation in α-iron grain boundaries. In: Minerals, Metals and Materials Series, Vol. Part F12, pp. 323 - 332. 147th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, TMS 2018, Phoenix, AZ, USA, March 11, 2018 - March 15, 2018. Springer International Publishing (2018)
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