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    Journal Article
    Sharma, L.; Peerlings, R. H. J.; Shanthraj, P.; Roters, F.; Geers, M. G. D.: FFT-based interface decohesion modelling by a nonlocal interphase. Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences 5 (1), 7 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Du, C.; Maresca, F.; Geers, M. G. D.; Hoefnagels, J. P.M.: Ferrite slip system activation investigated by uniaxial micro-tensile tests and simulations. Acta Materialia 146, pp. 314 - 327 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Klusemann, B.; Yalçinkaya, T.; Geers, M. G. D.; Svendsen, B.: Application of non-convex rate dependent gradient plasticity to the modeling and simulation of inelastic microstructure development and inhomogeneous material behavior. Computational Materials Science 80, pp. 51 - 60 (2013)

Conference Paper (1)

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    Conference Paper
    Hoefnagels, J. P.M.; Tasan, C. C.; Peters, F. J.; Geers, M. G. D.: Micromechanical characterization of ductile damage in DP steel. In: Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series, Vol. 4, pp. 29 - 35. 2012 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Costa Mesa, CA, USA, June 11, 2013 - June 14, 2013. (2013)

Talk (5)

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    Sharma, L.; Peerlings, R.; Shanthraj, P.; Roters, F.; Geers, M. G. D.: Interface damage modeling in an FFT framework. XIV International Conference on Computational Plasticity - COMPLAS 2017, Barcelona, Spain (2017)
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    Sharma, L.; Peerlings, R.; Shanthraj, P.; Roters, F.; Geers, M. G. D.: Modeling of interfacial damage in FFT solvers. 14th U.S. National Congress for Computational Mechanics, Montreal, Canada (2017)
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    Du, C.; Hoefnagels, J. P.M.; Geers, M. G. D.: The role of sub-structure boundaries of lath martensite in plasticity revealed by micro-tensile testing. Arbeitskreis Rasterkraft-mikroskopie und nanomechanische Methoden im FA Materialographie 2017, Aachen, Germany (2017)
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    Sharma, L.; Shanthraj, P.; Diehl, M.; Roters, F.; Raabe, D.; Peerlings, R.; Geers, M. G. D.: Micromechanics using spectral method: Modelling of interface decohesion in polycrystalline microstructures. PETSc User Meeting, Vienna, Austria (2016)
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    Sharma, L.; Shanthraj, P.; Roters, F.; Peerlings, R.; Geers, M. G. D.: Modeling Interface Decohesion in a Spectral Framework. ECCOMAS Congress, Crete, Greece (2016)
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