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Publications of Zhiguang Zhu

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Zhu, Z.; Ng, F. L.; Seet, H. L.; Lu, W.; Liebscher, C.; Rao, Z.; Raabe, D.; Nai, S. M. L.: Superior mechanical properties of a selective-laser-melted AlZnMgCuScZr alloy enabled by a tunable hierarchical microstructure and dual-nanoprecipitation. Materials Today 52, pp. 90 - 101 (2022)
Journal Article
Zhu, Z.; Li, W.; Nguyen, Q. B.; An, X.; Lu, W.; Li, Z.; Ng, F. L.; Nai, S. M. L.; Wei, J.: Enhanced strength-ductility synergy and transformation induced plasticity of the selective laser melting fabricated 304L stainless steel. Additive Manufacturing 35, 101300 (2020)
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