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    Schwiedrzik, J.; Raghavan, R.; Rüggeberg, M.; Hansen, S.; Wehrs, J.; Adusumalli, R. B.; Zimmermann, T.; Michler, J.: Identification of polymer matrix yield stress in the wood cell wall based on micropillar compression and micromechanical modelling. Philosophical Magazine 96 (32-34), pp. 3461 - 3478 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Schwiedrzik, J. J.; Raghavan, R.; Bürki, A.; Lenader, V.; Wolfram, U.; Michler, J. K.; Zysset, P. K.: In situ micropillar compression reveals superior strength and ductility but an absence of damage in lamellar bone. Nature Materials 13 (7), pp. 740 - 747 (2014)
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