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Publications of Jianjun Li

Journal Article (10)

Journal Article
Lu, W.; Li, J.: Synergetic deformation mechanism in hierarchical twinned high-entropy alloys. Journal of Materials Science & Technology 102, pp. 80 - 88 (2022)
Journal Article
Hou, J.; Li, J.; Lu, W.: Twin boundary-assisted precipitation of sigma phase in a high-entropy alloy. Materials Letters 300, 130198 (2021)
Journal Article
Lu, W.; Liebscher, C.; Yan, F.; Fang, X.; Li, L.; Li, J.; Guo, W.; Dehm, G.; Raabe, D.; Li, Z.: Interfacial nanophases stabilize nanotwins in high-entropy alloys. Acta Materialia 185, pp. 218 - 232 (2020)
Journal Article
Li, J.; Lu, W.; Gibson, J. S.K.L.; Zhang, S.; Korte-Kerzel, S.; Raabe, D.: Compatible deformation and extra strengthening by heterogeneous nanolayer composites. Scripta Materialia 179, pp. 30 - 35 (2020)
Journal Article
Chen, T.; Lu, W.; Li, J.; Chen, S.; Li, C.; Weng, G. J.: Tailoring tensile ductility of thin film by grain size graded substrates. International Journal of Solids and Structures 166, pp. 124 - 134 (2019)
Journal Article
Liu, C.; Lu, W.; Chen, S.; Li, J.: Toughening of nanocrystalline materials by nanograin rotation. Materials Today Communications 19, pp. 297 - 299 (2019)
Journal Article
Liu, C.; Lu, W.; Weng, G. J.; Li, J.: A cooperative nano-grain rotation and grain-boundary migration mechanism for enhanced dislocation emission and tensile ductility in nanocrystalline materials. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing 756, pp. 284 - 290 (2019)
Journal Article
Li, J.; Lu, W.; Gibson, J. S.K.L.; Zhang, S.; Chen, T.; Korte-Kerzel, S.; Raabe, D.: Eliminating deformation incompatibility in composites by gradient nanolayer architectures. Scientific Reports 8 (1), 16216 (2018)
Journal Article
Li, J.; Lu, W.; Zhang, S.; Raabe, D.: Large strain synergetic material deformation enabled by hybrid nanolayer architectures. Scientific Reports 7, 11371 (2017)
Journal Article
Li, J.; Weng, G. J.; Chen, S.; Wu, X.: On strain hardening mechanism in gradient nanostructures. International Journal of Plasticity 88, pp. 89 - 107 (2017)
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