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Publications of Koenraad G.F. Janssens

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Roters, F.; Diehl, M.; Shanthraj, P.; Eisenlohr, P.; Reuber, J. C.; Wong, S. L.; Maiti, T.; Ebrahimi, A.; Hochrainer, T.; Fabritius, H.-O. et al.; Nikolov, S. D.; Friák, M.; Fujita, N.; Grilli, N.; Janssens, K. G.F.; Jia, N.; Kok, P.; Ma, D.; Meier, F.; Werner, E.; Stricker, M.; Weygand, D. M.; Raabe, D.: DAMASK – The Düsseldorf Advanced Material Simulation Kit for modeling multi-physics crystal plasticity, thermal, and damage phenomena from the single crystal up to the component scale. Computational Materials Science 158, pp. 420 - 478 (2019)
Journal Article
Grilli, N.; Janssens, K. G.F.; Nellessen, J.; Sandlöbes, S.; Raabe, D.: Multiple slip dislocation patterning in a dislocation-based crystal plasticity finite element method. International Journal of Plasticity 100, pp. 104 - 121 (2018)
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