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Publications of Amalraj Marshal

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Journal Article
Gopalan, H.; Marshal, A.; Hans, M.; Primetzhofer, D.; Cautaerts, N.; Breitbach, B.; Völker, B.; Kirchlechner, C.; Schneider, J. M.; Dehm, G.: On the interplay between microstructure, residual stress and fracture toughness of (Hf–Nb–Ta–Zr)C multi-metal carbide hard coatings. Materials & Design 224, 111323 (2022)
Journal Article
Marshal, A.; Singh, P.; Mušić, D.; Wolff-Goodrich, S.; Evertz, S.; Schökel, A.; Johnson, D. D.; Dehm, G.; Liebscher, C.; Schneider, J. M.: Effect of synthesis temperature on the phase formation of NiTiAlFeCr compositionally complex alloy thin films. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 854, 155178 (2021)
Journal Article
Wolff-Goodrich, S.; Marshal, A.; Pradeep, K. G.; Dehm, G.; Schneider, J. M.; Liebscher, C.: Combinatorial exploration of B2/L21 precipitation strengthened AlCrFeNiTi compositionally complex alloys. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 853, 156111 (2021)
Journal Article
Minnert, C.; Kuhnt, M.; Bruns, S.; Marshal, A.; Pradeep, K. G.; Marsilius, M.; Bruder, E.; Durst, K.: Study on the embrittlement of flash annealed Fe85.2B9.5P4Cu0.8Si0.5 metallic glass ribbons. Materials and Design 156, pp. 252 - 261 (2018)
Journal Article
Marshal, A.; Pradeep, K. G.; Mušić, D.; Zaefferer, S.; De, P. S.; Schneider, J. M.: Combinatorial synthesis of high entropy alloys: Introduction of a novel, single phase, body-centered-cubic FeMnCoCrAl solid solution. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 691, pp. 683 - 689 (2017)

Talk (1)

Evertz, S.; Prünte, S.; Patterer, L.; Marshal, A.; Holzapfel, D. M.; Schökel, A.; Hans, M.; Primetzhofer, D.; Schneider, J. M.: Boron network evolution in CoTaB thin film metallic glasses. DESY, Bulk Scattering in Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry (CMPC) workshop at DESY, online (2020)
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