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Journal Article
Luan, C.; Corva, M.; Hagemann, U.; Wang, H.; Heidelmann, M.; Tschulik, K.; Li, T.: Atomic-Scale Insights into Morphological, Structural, and Compositional Evolution of CoOOH during Oxygen Evolution Reaction. ACS Catalysis 13 (2), pp. 1400 - 1411 (2023)
Journal Article
Gault, B.; Chiaramonti, A. N.; Cojocaru-Mirédin, O.; Stender, P.; Dubosq, R.; Freysoldt, C.; Makineni, S. K.; Li, T.; Moody, M. P.; Cairney, J. M.: Atom probe tomography. Nature reviews: Methods primers 1, 51 (2021)
Journal Article
Kasian, O.; Li, T.; Mingers, A. M.; Schweinar, K.; Savan, A.; Ludwig, A.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.: Stabilization of an iridium oxygen evolution catalyst by titanium oxides. Journal of Physics: Energy 3, 034006 (2020)
Journal Article
Ding, R.; Yao, Y.; Sun, B.; Liu, G.; He, J.; Li, T.; Wan, X.; Dai, Z.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D. et al.; Zhang, C.; Godfrey, A.; Miyamoto, G.; Furuhara, T.; Yang, Z.; van der Zwaag, S.; Chen, H.: Chemical boundary engineering: A new route toward lean, ultrastrong yet ductile steels. Science Advances 6 (13), eaay1430 (2020)
Journal Article
Scherrer, B.; Li, T.; Tsyganok, A.; Döbeli, M.; Gupta, B.; Malviya, K. D.; Kasian, O.; Maman, N.; Gault, B.; Grave, D. A. et al.; Mehlman, A.; Visoly-Fisher, I.; Raabe, D.; Rothschild, A.: Defect Segregation and Its Effect on the Photoelectrochemical Properties of Ti-Doped Hematite Photoanodes for Solar Water Splitting. Chemistry of Materials 32 (3), pp. 1031 - 1040 (2020)
Journal Article
Li, T.; Lai, M.; Kostka, A.; Salomon, S.; Zhang, S.; Somsen, C.; Dargusch, M. S.; Kent, D.: Composition of the nanosized orthorhombic O′ phase and its direct transformation to fine α during ageing in metastable β-Ti alloys. Scripta Materialia 170, pp. 183 - 188 (2019)
Journal Article
Kasian, O.; Geiger, S.; Li, T.; Grote, J.-P.; Schweinar, K.; Zhang, S.; Scheu, C.; Raabe, D.; Cherevko, S.; Gault, B. et al.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.: Degradation of iridium oxides via oxygen evolution from the lattice: correlating atomic scale structure with reaction mechanisms. Energy & Environmental Science 12, pp. 3548 - 3555 (2019)
Journal Article
Lai, M.; Li, T.; Raabe, D.: ω phase acts as a switch between dislocation channeling and joint twinning- and transformation-induced plasticity in a metastable β titanium alloy. Acta Materialia 151, pp. 67 - 77 (2018)
Journal Article
Chang, Y.; Breen, A. J.; Tarzimoghadam, Z.; Kürnsteiner, P.; Gardner, H.; Ackerman, A.; Radecka, A.; Bagot, P. A. J.; Lu, W.; Li, T. et al.; Jägle, E. A.; Herbig, M.; Stephenson, L.; Moody, M. P.; Rugg, D.; Dye, D.; Ponge, D.; Raabe, D.; Gault, B.: Characterizing solute hydrogen and hydrides in pure and alloyed titanium at the atomic scale. Acta Materialia 150, pp. 273 - 280 (2018)
Journal Article
Li, T.; Kasian, O.; Cherevko, S.; Zhang, S.; Geiger, S.; Scheu, C.; Felfer, P. J.; Raabe, D.; Gault, B.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.: Atomic-scale insights into surface species of electrocatalysts in three dimensions. Nature Catalysis 1 (4), pp. 300 - 305 (2018)
Journal Article
Hufnagel, A.; Hajiyani, H. R.; Zhang, S.; Li, T.; Kasian, O.; Gault, B.; Breitbach, B.; Bein, T.; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, D.; Scheu, C. et al.; Pentcheva, R.: Why Tin‐Doping Enhances the Efficiency of Hematite Photoanodes for Water Splitting - The Full Picture. Advanced Functional Materials 28 (52), 1804472 (2018)

Talk (1)

Zhang, S.; Hufnagel, A.; Hajiyani, H. R.; Li, T.; Gault, B.; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, D.; Bein, T.; Pentcheva, R.; Scheu, C.: Sub-nanometer microanalysis on hematite photoanodes with localized Sn dopants to enhance photocatalytic water splitting. 13th Multinational Congress on Microscopy, Rovinj, Croatia (2017)

Poster (3)

Gänsler, T.; Hengge, K.; Kasian, O.; Li, T.; Zhang, S.; Dehm, G.; Gault, B.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.; Scheu, C.: Microstructure characterization on electrodes and catalysts. Chinese-German Chemical Association (CGCA) 30th Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany (2018)
Schweinar, K.; Greiner, M. T.; Beeg, S.; Li, T.; Gault, B.; Kasian, O.; Raabe, D.; Schögl, R.: Unravelling the identity of (Cu1+,Cu2+)xOy surface oxides formed under ethylene epoxidation conditions on AgCu catalysts. 1st IMPRS – RECHARGE SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM 2017, University Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany (2017)
Zhang, S.; Li, T.; Gault, B.; Hufnagel, A.; Hoffmann, R.; Harzer, T.; Breitbach, B.; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, D.; Bein, T.; Scheu, C.: Mapping of Sn dopant in hematite photoanodes by STEM-EELS and atom probe tomography. EDGE 2017: Enhanced Data Generated by Electrons, 8th International Workshop on Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Related Techniques, Okuma, Okinawa, Japan (2017)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Schweinar, K.: Advancements in the understanding of Ir-based water splitting catalysts at the near-atomic scale. Dissertation, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (2021)
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