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Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Garzón-Manjón, A.; Vega Paredes, M.; Berova, V.; Gänsler, T.; Schwarz, T.; Rivas Rivas, N. A.; Hengge, K. A.; Jurzinsky, T.; Scheu, C.: Insights into the performance and degradation of Ru@Pt core-shell catalysts for fuel cells by advanced (scanning) transmission electron microscopy. Nanoscale 14 (48), pp. 18060 - 18069 (2022)
Journal Article
Ebenhoch, C.; Gänsler, T.; Schupp, S.; Hagner, M.; Frank, A.; Scheu, C.; Schmidt-Mende, L.: Complementary switching in single Nb3O7(OH) nanowires. APL Materials 9, 071105 (2021)
Journal Article
Frank, A.; Gänsler, T.; Hieke, S. W.; Fleischmann, S.; Husmann, S.; Presser, V.; Scheu, C.: Structural and chemical characterization of MoO2/MoS2 triple-hybrid materials using electron microscopy in up to three dimensions. Nanoscale Advances (3), pp. 1067 - 1076 (2021)
Journal Article
Hengge, K.; Gänsler, T.; Pizzutilo, E.; Heinzl, C.; Beetz, M.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.; Scheu, C.: Accelerated fuel cell tests of anodic Pt/Ru catalyst via identical location TEM: New aspects of degradation behavior. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (40), pp. 25359 - 25371 (2017)

Talk (4)

Vega Paredes, M.; Garzón-Manjón, A.; Rivas Rivas, N. A.; Berova, V.; Hengge, K. A.; Gänsler, T.; Jurinsky, T.; Scheu, C.: Ruthenium-Platinum Core-Shell Nanoparticles as durable, CO tolerant catalyst for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells. 5th International Caparica Symposium on Nanoparticles/Nanomaterials and Applications (ISN2A), Online (accepted)
Gänsler, T.; Hengge, K. A.; Scheu, C.: Correlative tomography and electrochemical tests on single Pt/Ru catalyst networks. Microscopy Conference MC2019, Berlin, Germany (2019)
Gänsler, T.; Frank, A.; Betzler, S. B.; Scheu, C.: Electron microscopy studies of Nb3O7(OH) nanostructured cubes - insights in the growth mechanism. Microscience Microscopy Congress MMC2019, Manchester, UK (2019)
Lim, J.; Hengge, K. A.; Aymerich Armengol, R.; Gänsler, T.; Scheu, C.: Structural Investigation of 2D Nanosheets and their Assembly to 3D Porous Morphologies. 5th International Conference on Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology for Green Environment (ENGE 2018), Jeju, Korea (2018)

Poster (4)

Gänsler, T.; Hengge, K. A.; Scheu, C.: 3D Reconstruction of Identical Location Electron Micrographs – Methodology and Pitfalls. IAMNano 2019, International Workshop on Advanced and In-situ Microscopies of Functional Nanomaterials and Devices, Düsseldorf, Germany (2019)
Gänsler, T.; Hengge, K. A.; Beetz, M.; Pizzutilo, E.; Scheu, C.: Tracking the Degradation of Fuel Cell Catalyst Particles: 3D Reconstruction of Nanoscale Transmission Electron Micrographs. CINEMAX IV, "Best poster Award at the Summer School", Toreby, Denmark (2018)
Gänsler, T.; Hengge, K.; Kasian, O.; Li, T.; Zhang, S.; Dehm, G.; Gault, B.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.; Scheu, C.: Microstructure characterization on electrodes and catalysts. Chinese-German Chemical Association (CGCA) 30th Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany (2018)
Hengge, K.; Heinzl, C.; Gänsler, T.; Perchthaler, M.; Beetz, M.; Varley, D.; Mayrhofer, K. J. J.; Scheu, C.: Cs corrected STEM analysis – operation related nanoscale degradation processes in high-temperature polymer-electrolyte-membrane fuel cells. Microscopy Conference 2017 (MC 2017), Lausanne, France (2017)

Thesis - Master (1)

Thesis - Master
Gänsler, T.: Synthesis Approaches to Nb3O7(OH) Nanostructures and New Studies on Their Growth Mechanism. Master, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Germany (2018)
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