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Journal Article
Wu, G.; Liu, C.; Brognara, A.; Ghidelli, M.; Bao, Y.; Liu, S.; Wu, X.; Xia, W.; Zhao, H.; Rao, J. et al.; Ponge, D.; Devulapalli, V.; Lu, W.; Dehm, G.; Raabe, D.; Li, Z.: Symbiotic crystal-glass alloys via dynamic chemical partitioning. Materials Today 51, pp. 6 - 14 (2021)
Journal Article
Liu, C.; Li, Z.; Lu, W.; Bao, Y.; Xia, W.; Wu, X.; Zhao, H.; Gault, B.; Liu, C.; Herbig, M. et al.; Fischer, A.; Dehm, G.; Wu, G.; Raabe, D.: Reactive wear protection through strong and deformable oxide nanocomposite surfaces. Nature Communications 12 (1), 5518 (2021)
Journal Article
Han, L.; Rao, Z.; Souza Filho, I. R.; Maccari, F.; Wei, Y.; Wu, G.; Ahmadian, A.; Zhou, X.; Gutfleisch, O.; Ponge, D. et al.; Raabe, D.; Li, Z.: Ultrastrong and Ductile Soft Magnetic High-Entropy Alloys via Coherent Ordered Nanoprecipitates. Advanced Materials 33 (37), 2102139 (2021)
Journal Article
Wu, G.; Sun, L.; Zhu, L.; Liu, C.; Wang, Q.; Bao, Y.; Lu, J.: Near-ideal strength and large compressive deformability of a nano-dual-phase glass-crystal alloy in sub-micron. Scripta Materialia 188, pp. 290 - 295 (2020)
Journal Article
Wu, G.; Zhang, J.; Liu, C.; Wang, Q.; Lu, J.: Erratum to “Ductility of an ultrastrong glass-crystal nano-dual-phase alloy in sub-micron” [Scripta Materialia 183 (2020) 17–21/ SMM-20-142] (Scripta Materialia (2020) 183 (17–21), (S1359646220301342), (10.1016/j.scriptamat.2020.03.002)). Scripta Materialia 188, p. 183 (2020)
Journal Article
Sun, L.; Wu, G.; Wang, Q.; Lu, J.: Nanostructural metallic materials: Structures and mechanical properties. Materials Today 38, pp. 114 - 135 (2020)
Journal Article
Wu, G.; Zhang, J.; Liu, C.; Wang, Q.; Lu, J.: Ductility of an ultrastrong glass-crystal nano-dual-phase alloy in sub-micron. Scripta Materialia 183, pp. 17 - 21 (2020)
Journal Article
Katnagallu, S.; Wu, G.; Singh, S. P.; Nandam, S. H.; Xia, W.; Stephenson, L.; Gleiter, H.; Schwaiger, R.; Hahn, H.; Herbig, M. et al.; Raabe, D.; Gault, B.; Balachandran, S.: Nanoglass–Nanocrystal Composite - a Novel Material Class for Enhanced Strength-Plasticity Synergy. Small 16 (39), 2004400 (2020)
Journal Article
Wu, G.; Balachandran, S.; Gault, B.; Xia, W.; Liu, C.; Rao, Z.; Wei, Y.; Liu, S.; Lu, J.; Herbig, M. et al.; Lu, W.; Dehm, G.; Li, Z.; Raabe, D.: Crystal–Glass High-Entropy Nanocomposites with Near Theoretical Compressive Strength and Large Deformability. Advanced Materials, 2002619 (2020)

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Liu, C.; Lu, W.; Xia, W.; Du, C.; Rao, Z.; Best, J. P.; Brinckmann, S.; Lu, J.; Gault, B.; Dehm, G. et al.; Li, Z.; Wu, G.; Raabe, D.: Ultrastrong and ductile complex concentrated alloy via interstitial solid solutioning. Euromat 2021, Virtual Conference, Graz, Austria (2021)
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