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Wang, X.; Hatzoglou, C.; Sneed, B.; Fan, Z.; Guo, W.; Jin, K.; Chen, D.; Bei, H.; Wang, Y.; Weber, W. J. et al.; Zhang, Y.; Gault, B.; More, K. L.; Vurpillot, F.; Poplawsky, J. D.: Interpreting nanovoids in atom probe tomography data for accurate local compositional measurements. Nature Communications 11, 1022 (2020)
Journal Article
Guo, W.; Pei, Z.; Sang, X.; Poplawsky, J. D.; Bruschi, S.; Qu, J.; Raabe, D.; Bei, H.: Shape-preserving machining produces gradient nanolaminate medium entropy alloys with high strain hardening capability. Acta Materialia 170, pp. 176 - 186 (2019)
Journal Article
Guo, W.; Gan, B.; Molina-Aldareguía, J. M.; Poplawsky, J. D.; Raabe, D.: Structure and dynamics of shear bands in amorphous-crystalline nanolaminates. Scripta Materialia 110, pp. 28 - 32 (2016)
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