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    Conference Paper
    Wippermann, S. M.; Koch, N.; Blankenburg, S.; Gerstmann, U.; Sanna, S.; Rauls, E.; Hermann, A. M.; Schmidt, W. G.: Understanding Electron Transport in Atomic Nanowires from Large-Scale Numerical Calculations. In: High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2009, pp. 233 - 242. 10th Teraflop Workshop, HLRS, Stuttgart, Germany, March 16, 2009 - March 17, 2009. (2010)
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    Conference Paper
    Schmidt, W. G.; Blankenburg, S.; Wippermann, S. M.; Hermann, A. M.; Hahn, P.; Preuss, M.; Seino, K.; Bechstedt, F.: Anomalous water optical absorption: Large-scale first-principles simulations. In: High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '06, pp. 49 - 58. 9th Results and Review Workshop on High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering, Stuttgart University, Stuttgart, Germany, October 19, 2006 - October 20, 2006. (2007)
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