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Journal Article
Frigge, T.; Hafke, B.; Witte, T.; Krenzer, B.; Streubühr, C.; Syed, A. S.; Trontl, V. M.; Avigo, I.; Zhou, P.; Ligges, M. et al.; von der Linde, D. D.; Bovensiepen, U.; Horn-von Hoegen, M.; Wippermann, S. M.; Lücke, A.; Gerstmann, U.; Schmidt, W. G.: Optically excited structural transition in atomic wires on surfaces at the quantum limit. Nature 544 (7649), pp. 207 - 211 (2017)
Journal Article
Frigge, T.; Wall, S.; Krenzer, B.; Wippermann, S. M.; Sanna, S.; Klasing, F.; Hanisch-Blicharski, A.; Kammler, M.; Schmidt, W. G.; Horn-Von Hoegen, M.: Comment on "Atomistic Picture of Charge Density Wave Formation at Surfaces" Reply. Physical Review Letters 111 (14), 149602 (2013)
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