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Summer School on Experimental Nano- and Micromechanics

Summer School on Experimental Nano- and Micromechanics
The size dependent mechanical response of materials has attracted strong attention during the past decade. While past research focused mainly on single crystalline behavior, today´s investigations target the mechanical response and underlying deformation mechanisms of heterogeneous microstructures. The summer school is aimed at providing a comprehensive overview on experimental nano- and micromechanical testing methods. Focus thereby is put on material properties which can be reliably extracted from in situ micromechanical experiments. - Which properties can we experimentally explore? - Where are the limits and pitfalls of our methods? - Where do we need support of simulation techniques? - What are future challenges in the field? The school will deal with nanoindentation as well as methods to explore the plastic and fracture properties of materials and interfaces, frequently used characterization techniques with in situ capabilities and, finally, simulation techniques. [more]
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