Current research projects of the Microstructure and Mechanics group

Fundamental Dislocation Processes in Superalloys
Project C3 of the SFB/TR103 investigates high-temperature dislocation-dislocation and dislocation-precipitate interactions in the gamma/gamma-prime microstructure of Ni-base superalloys. more
Influence of Chemical and Structural Complexity on Dislocation Processes 
Project A02 of the SFB1394 studies dislocations in crystallographic complex phases and investigates the effect of segregation on the structure and properties of defects in the Mg-Al-Ca System. more
Stress field around a blunted crack tip.
Using simple model atomic interaction potentials, this project investigates how lattice discreteness and heterogeneities lead to deviations from the usual continuum mechanical treatments of cracks and dynamic fracture.
Microscopic Origins of Fracture Toughness
This ERC-funded project aims at developing an experimentally validated multiscale modelling framework for the prediction of fracture toughness of metals. more
Deformation and Failure of Amorphous Materials 
This project aims at understanding the mechanical properties of glasses on the basis of their structure and the relevant atomic-scale deformation mechanisms. more
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